The International School of Bombay continually reaffirms the ethical, moral, personal and academic development of its students.

Building on the principles of The International School of Bombay Plan, the school strives to create a climate of respect in which creativity, curiosity, individual risk-taking, and personal excellence are achieved and can flourish. The importance of academic integrity is emphasized by teachers and staff, integrated into daily school life and supported by established rules and guidelines for each student. Discussions and dialogues focusing on values evolve naturally from a curriculum which seeks to educate children in these areas.

Cultivating core values – including honesty, compassion, courage, humility, citizenship, justice, conservation, good sportsmanship, respect, and responsibility – is a vital part of The International School of Bombay’s commitment to developing students of strong character. The fulfillment of learning to give of oneself begins in kindergarten and continues throughout all the divisions as students participate in community service and outreach projects which are integrated into the curriculum. Age-appropriate activities, reading materials, class trips, and guest speakers on varied topics of service and civil responsibility inform and enrich each child’s education at our School.

  • Practicing and promoting respect for self, for others, and for the environment we share;
  • Practicing and promoting integrity and responsibility
  • Insisting upon justice;
  • Acting with empathy and compassion
  • Developing the character and confidence required to take risks in civic and intellectual undertakings;
  • Encouraging leadership
  • Making responsible choices in a variety of settings and participating constructively in the community beyond the school
  • Valuing truth, learning, and authenticity