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Class 3

The International School of Bombay continues to reaffirm the ethical and moral development of its students, and lively discussions focusing on values evolve naturally from our curriculum.

Home Class 3

Earth And Space Project

A project-based activity conducted in class, in which students explained about the layers of earth. It involves the task of doing a project related to class. It is a unique style of learning and generates inquiry based approach of learning. Students acquired a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real world challenges and problems.


A travelogue is a new way of learning things. Students shared pictures of places which they have visited with family and friends. It helped the students to express their thoughts in organised form, it also enhanced their communication skills and they came to know about various places in India.

Map Skill Activity

Students of class 3 learnt Map work.Students learnt about India and its physical divisions and different states.Map skill activity helps a child by developing spatial reasoning skills.Students were taught how to read map and how to identify various objects like symbols and pictures.

Circle Time Activity (reading In The Sun)

“Learning is everywhere”. ISB believes in holistic learning approaches to inculcate that a circle time activity was planned in which children were sitting under the sun during winter season and were enjoying reading.Reading helps in understanding a book in proper form.It also develops cognitive part of brain.It also increases imagination power.

“Today a reader tomorrow a leader”


A season is the period of the year that is distinguished by different climatic condition.Students learnt all four types of season and types of clothes worn in every season.Students clearly got the concept of why change in season takes place and what type of clothes are worn in which season.Students developed their spatial skills by pasting different cloth material according to season.

Adventure Trips

At ISB we believes that adventure trips are part of leaning.Students mingle with their peers and develops a friendly bond.They learn to share and care for their friends.Outdoor Trips also give students to think and act by themselves which helps in decision making ability of child.

Birthday Celebration

Every ISBian is special.At ISB we celebrate birthday of every student.It gives a sense of belongingness in student’s mind.He feels very happy and special,when his birthday is celebrated.That’s why every child is enthusiastic to come at ISB.He feels ISB is his second house.


Playing sports helps in overall development of child.At ISB every student actively participates in his choice of games.

Playing sports strengthens our mind and soul.It increases concentration power and develops sportsmanship and perseverance.

Growth and development

Circle time encourages active participation and gives children opportunities to showcase their abilities and achievements. Sharing a personal item with the class, children gain confidence in their abilities and develop a positive self-image. This confidence extends beyond circle time and positively impacts their overall growth and development.


Drama develop skills that sharpen students’ ability to think and listen carefully. They even articulate their thoughts confidently and persuasively. It enhances their ability to think critically and boost their confidence. They gain important life skills.

समानार्थी शब्द गतिविधि

समानार्थी शब्द अक्सर अर्थ की बारीकियों को व्यक्त करते हैं।हिंदी क्रियात्मक गतिविधि द्वारा कक्षा में समानार्थी शब्दों का बोध करवाया गया खेल-खेल में कक्षा में उपस्थित सभी विद्यार्थी उत्साह से प्रतिभागी बने एवं नए-नए शब्दों को सुगमता से सीखा।

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Chalk art is a great tradition to boost the kids fun, A fun-filled chalk activity was conducted to give in-depth knowledge of SHAPES. It also helps to keep the kids away from gadgets to perform some physical activities. This super fun piece of artwork has many learning opportunities. Children learnt about using lines and shapes in artwork

Salad Activity

Salad is an healthy food in our daily routine.It keeps us fresh and healthy . The recipe of making salad is made by many creative ideas. It can be done in many creative ways. Our students had salad making activity where in they learnt the importance of fruits and vegetables.

“ Learning how to cook for yourself is a beautiful expression of self care.”

Trip to Anandam Adventure Park

Our young ISBians of class III created lasting memories at Anandam Adventure Park- where curiosity unleashed, laughter echoed, friendships flourished and fun took the centre stage.


This interactive fraction activity aims to make learning fun and memorable, allowing children to grasp the concept through creative expression and hands-on experiences. In this engaging fraction activity, students delve into the world of mathematics through hands-on exploration. This interactive approach not only reinforces the abstract concept of fractions but also encourages students to apply their understanding in real-world scenarios, fostering a deeper and more practical comprehension of this fundamental mathematical concept.