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Class 4

The International School of Bombay continues to reaffirm the ethical and moral development of its students, and lively discussions focusing on values evolve naturally from our curriculum.

Home Class 4

A Broken Promise: Role Play Activity

In the realm of role play, students transcend the confines of textbooks, becoming active participants in their own learning journey. Empowered by their experiences, they emerge as confident communicators, empathetic individuals, and future leaders ready to navigate the complexities of the world.

Map Activity

We use maps as a reference to show physical boundaries, political boundaries, landforms, water bodies, and the positions of cities.

Students of class IV are trying to identify the physical boundaries of India on the map

Types of Fraction

Activities allow our children to learn something that could stay with them for a lifetime. It develops creativity and imagination and also build confidence.

Experience says learning mathematics can be made easier and enjoyable if our curriculum includes mathematical activities and .It encourages , attracts, alerts and brings in an open-minded attitude among youngsters which helps them to develop clarity in their thinking.

Exploring Symmetry: Unveiling the Beauty of Balance!

Engaging students in a Lines of Symmetry activity to foster spatial awareness, critical thinking, and artistic expression. Unlocking the secrets of symmetry through hands-on exploration and creative discovery.

The International School of Bombay #MathArt #SymmetryInAction #LearningThroughPlay ūüú®"

Road Safety Rule

Exploring the world of Measurements

Learning mathematics is always fun when such interesting activities are involved. Our Grade IV students participated in a fascinating Math Activity focusing on the concept of measurements. During this engaging session, students delved into the realm of measuring of the capacity. Through hands-on exploration, they gained a practical understanding of different measurement techniques.
The International School of Bombay believes in making learning dynamic and enjoyable.

Exploring Net and models of 3D Shapes

The activity proved to be a valuable learning experience, fostering a deeper understanding of 3D shapes and their representation. Engaging in the hands-on construction of nets and the models of 3D shapes not only improved their spatial reasoning but also developed their construction ability. This practical approach to geometry provided a memorable and deeper knowledge of the concept.

Understanding Election

Students delved into the fascinating world of democracy and elections. Through the 'Understanding Elections' activity, they went on a journey to grasp the core principles of democratic systems. The learning objectives were clear, to fathom the significance of elections in democratic societies, to dissect the pivotal role of political parties, and to understand the intricate art of political campaigning. To achieve these goals, a unique methodology was adopted. Blank slips were transformed into ballots, and two students emerged as aspiring candidates, representing distinct political parties. With passion and conviction, these young leaders crafted their election manifestos, showcasing their vision for the class. The classroom turned into a political arena as these candidates passionately campaigned for their parties, addressing their fellow students (the voters).