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Extra - Curricular Activities

The International School of Bombay continues to reaffirm the ethical and moral development of its students, and lively discussions focusing on values evolve naturally from our curriculum.

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Extra - Curricular Activities

Exploring the Canvas: A Kaleidoscope of Talents

Students at The International School of Bombay in Art competition painted their passions on canvas, each stroke telling a unique story. From 'Nature's Symphony' to 'Space Explorers,' the themes sparked imagination and brought colours to life.

In the Moment: English Extempore Brilliance

Capturing moments of spontaneous brilliance, our English extempore competition ignited minds with literary flair and linguistic prowess. Participants weaved tales of wonder and spun linguistic tapestries that mesmerized the audience.

Splash Bash: Pool Party at The International School of Bombay

Diving into fun with friends at our school pool party! Music, laughter, and memories made under the sun. Cheers to endless summer vibes and cool dips!

World Consumer Rights Day: Empowering Consumers for Fair Practices

On World Consumer Rights Day, students at the International School of Bombay showcased their creativity and advocacy through thought-provoking skits. With enthusiasm and dedication, they highlighted the importance of consumer rights and responsibilities in today's global marketplace. Through engaging performances, they educated their peers about fair trade practices, product safety, and the power of informed consumer choices. These skits not only entertained but also inspired awareness and empowerment among the audience, emphasizing the role each individual plays in promoting a fair and equitable consumer culture.

Unlocking the Secrets of Science: National Science Day Celebration

On National Science Day, at The International School of Bombay we embraced the spirit of scientific inquiry with an engaging array of activities inspired by the groundbreaking Chandrayaan movie. From simulating lunar landings to decoding celestial mysteries, hands-on experiments students delved into the wonders of space exploration. As we celebrated National Science Day, let's continue to inspire the next generation to reach for the stars and push the boundaries of human knowledge.

Embracing English Excellence: A Week of Language Celebration

English Week was a vibrant tapestry of language exploration, featuring engaging activities in listening, writing, and speaking. Participants immersed themselves in diverse accents and narratives during listening sessions, crafted imaginative stories in writing workshops, and engaged in lively discussions to enhance their communication skills. The week celebrated the richness of the English language, fostering creativity and meaningful connections through the power of words."

Spine-Tingling Tales: Exploring the Enigmatic Haunted House Experience

The students of The International School of Bombay witnessed the spooky spirit. We were talking about ghosts! Whether they haunt a creepy mansion, ready to share ghost stories or lurk in local legend - there're plenty of supernatural secrets to discover in these haunting hidden object games.

The flickering candlelight added to the spooky atmosphere; making the stories all the more frightening.

Just a Minute (JAM) session

An enriching activity on communication skills was conducted at The International School of Bombay. The objective of the event was to enhance students' communication skills, improve their ability to think on their feet and boost their confidence in public. The JAM session undoubtedly proved to be an enriching

Vote vote vote for the nation’s growth

Students delved into the fascinating world of democracy and elections. Through the 'Understanding Elections' activity, they went on a journey to grasp the core principles of democratic systems. The learning objectives were clear, to fathom the significance of elections in democratic societies, to dissect the pivotal role of political parties, and to understand the intricate art of political campaigning.

World Environment Day-Let's be the change our planet needs!

The International School of Bombay celebrated the beauty of our planet and remembered that we all have a crucial role in its preservation on World Environment Day. Every action, no matter how small, counts towards creating a sustainable future. Together, we can make a positive impact and leave a greener world for generations to come.

Summer Has A Flavour Like No Other. Always Fresh And Simmered In The Sunshine.

The International School of Bombay closed for the summer vacation with a lot of fun, games, and music all around, the energies of the children were high they enjoyed their day by enjoying summer fruits at school. Indeed, it was a fun day for all the children!!!!


Dance is art, paint your dream and follow. The International School of Bombay conducted the dance competition JHANKAR BEAT THE HEAT!!!!! for all the talented ISBIANS.

Dance competitions are a great way to build an emotional resilience in a child. It increases self-confidence and self-esteem in children. The vivacious dancers had set the floor on fire with their energetic performance.

The Art Mela Organized At Isb… A Huge Success

A heartfelt thanks to all the enthusiastic children who came forth and brought out the artist within themselves. It was indeed a surreal moment to watch each one of our students passionately paint, draw, and ignite their artistic selves.

Creativity indeed takes courage, and we are grateful for our students' courage!