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Home Excursions

Roaring Fun: Our Pre- Primary Zoo Adventure!

Our Pre-schoolers had a wild time exploring the zoo! From the majestic lions to the playful zebra, every moment was filled with excitement and learning. Seeing the wonder in their eyes as they encountered various animals was truly priceless!

Trip to Anandam.

Students of Class I to IV along with educators went on an Outdoor Adventure Camp at Anandam amusement park.

Children enjoyed lots of fun activities like host of adventure activities like cycling, Rappelling, Target Jump, carom archery etc. The games interspersed between the activities kept the students on their toes all through the day.

All the activities encouraged the students to push themselves to their limits. Each and every student participated in all the activities, each of which, was real learning experience. Time management, discipline, perseverance, patience and team work were few of the life skills which the students imbibed during this adventure and fun filled excursion.

A Trip to Fundore

The Isbians of Class V to VIII were in awe as they took a trip to FUNDORE, Indore that left them intrigued. Their joy knew no bounds when they enjoyed lots of rides and activities which left them intrigued.

The Isbians displayed astounding confidence and benevolence during this trip. The feeling of camaraderie was at its peak in various groups of Isbians.