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From Early Years to High School, ISB offers a premier learning environment that is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and the Council of International Schools.

Home Academics

The Kindergarten Years

During these magic years, being are tender, vulnerable yet having the capacity and tenacity to learn amazingly through their senses, our children are helped to grow and blossom: Our early years program caters to six areas of learning:

Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Dispositions and attitudes , self-confidence and self-esteem , making relationships, behaviour and self-control , self-care and a sense of Community.

Communication, Language & Literacy

Language for Communication ,Language for Thinking ,Linking Sounds and Letters ,Reading ,Writing , Handwriting.

Problem-Solving, Reasoning & Numeracy Skills

Numbers as labels and for counting , calculating, shape, space and measures.

Physical Development

Movement and space, health and bodily Awareness, using equipment and materials.

Knowledge and understanding of the world

Exploration and investigation, designing and making, ICT, time, place, communities.

Creative Development

Being creative , exploring media and materials , creating music and dance, developing imagination and imaginative play.

English Language Arts Literacy

The children are trained to enrich their communication skills through reading and listening, oral expressions, spelling and handwriting. Our reading programme is initiated to develop reading with confidence and joy. It involves comprehension, and vocabulary & spellings which taught in a systematic manner using Phonics and Dictionary usage. Children are encouraged to write effectively and express their ideas, narrations, stories or poetry.

Elementary Years

Grade I to V are structured around self contained smart classrooms meeting international standards and providing congenial atmosphere for learning wherein students are trained in Hindi, English, Math, Social Studies, Science and extra Curricular activities like Drama, Music, P.E, Computer, Art, Craft and Library skills by trained subject teachers.
Our approach to teaching learning transaction is primarily influenced by the following thinkers and philosophers.