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Class 2

The International School of Bombay continues to reaffirm the ethical and moral development of its students, and lively discussions focusing on values evolve naturally from our curriculum.

Home Class 2

Crafting Clock

Time Well Spent: Crafting Moments with Precision in our Clock Making Adventure, students learned the basic concept of second,minute and hour.

Comparing numbers

With the help of chart, students understood the concept of smaller and greater number which will help them to apply the concept in daily life.


Students understood the concept of quantity and the conversion of units from smaller unit to bigger and vice versa.

Plantation (Our green friends)

Learning is fun Children can gain knowledge about the interdependence of ecosystems, the value of biodiversity, and the life cycle of trees. Students who participate in tree-planting activities gain a better awareness of environmental stewardship and are inspired to preserve and safeguard the natural world for the rest of their lives.

विलोम शब्द

कक्षा में विलोम शब्द हिंदी गतिविधि के माध्यम से खेल- खेल में रुचि लेकर सीखा I


Our little creators choose a topic of their own choice and made a chart by themselves and explained it to other students. This activity helped to enhance their confidence, to take out their creativity and helped them to concrete their grammatical concepts.

Auxiliary Verb

We use verb in every sentence. Students understood the use of auxiliary verb in accordance with time, singularity and plurality of noun. this activity improved their understanding of basic formation of sentence with correct use of sentence.

Diya making competition

The most eagerly awaited festival is celebrated in our school. Our students decorated the diyas,and showed their utmost creativity by understanding that only light can dispel the darkness. This activity strengthened their friendship and improved their understanding of culture.

A trust walk

Our little Isbians immensely enjoyed this game with high moral value of trusting others. The blindfolded kid is completely dependent on the other players to guide through obstacles and reach the safe zone