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Class 8

The International School of Bombay continues to reaffirm the ethical and moral development of its students, and lively discussions focusing on values evolve naturally from our curriculum.

Home Class 8

World Consumer Rights Day: Empowering Consumers for Fair Practices

On World Consumer Rights Day, students at the International School of Bombay showcased their creativity and advocacy through thought-provoking skits. With enthusiasm and dedication, they highlighted the importance of consumer rights and responsibilities in today's global marketplace. Through engaging performances, they educated their peers about fair trade practices, product safety, and the power of informed consumer choices. These skits not only entertained but also inspired awareness and empowerment among the audience, emphasizing the role each individual plays in promoting a fair and equitable consumer culture.

Exploring Literary Worlds: Role Play in English Week

Transport yourself into the pages of classic literature as students take on the roles of beloved characters. From Shakespearean dramas to adventurous tales, our English class transforms into a stage where creativity knows no bounds. Through role play, students deepen their understanding of characters, themes, and plots, fostering empathy and critical thinking skills. Join us on this literary journey where every student becomes a protagonist in their own learning adventure.

Designing Dreams

The Artistry of Book Covers A book cover creates the first impression on its potential readers. Therefore, a book cover design is one of the most important aspects of marketing a book. If the cover is not designed well, you will loose sales. A successful book cover needs to make a reader 'feel' the manuscript rather than 'tell' about it. #TheInternationalSchoolofBombay #learning #creativity #designing #dreams

Just a Minute (JAM) session.

An enriching activity on communication skills was conducted at The International School of Bombay. The objective of the event was to enhance students' communication skills, improve their ability to think on their feet and boost their confidence in public. The JAM session undoubtedly proved to be an enriching experience for all. #learning #TISB #JAMsession #englishactivity

" Exploring Current Events: A Classroom Dive into Newspaper Reading"

In our recent classroom session, we delved into the world of current events through an engaging newspaper reading activity. Students eagerly unfolded the pages of knowledge, exploring a myriad of topics from local news to global affairs. This initiative not only honed their reading skills but also sparked insightful discussions, encouraging a deeper understanding of the world around them. The newspaper reading activity was a dynamic way to foster curiosity, critical thinking, and awareness among the students, making learning an interactive and enriching experience.


Sowing the seeds of change in our school community. Hands in the soil, hearts in harmony-students of The International School of Bombay yunite for a plantation activity. With each tree planted, we cultivate not just greenery but a commitment to environmental responsibility. Growing together, we nurture a future where every leaf tells a story of our shared dedication to a healthier planet. #TheInternationalSchoolofBombay #Plantation #activity #University

"Spine-Tingling Tales: Exploring the Enigmatic Haunted House Experience"

Today the students of The International School of Bombay witnessed the spooky spirit. We were talking about ūüĎĽ ghosts! Whether they haunt a creepy mansion, ready to share ghost stories or lurk in local legend - there're plenty of supernatural secrets to discover in these haunting Hidden object games. The flickering candlelight added to the spooky atmosphere; making the stories all the more frightening