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Enrichment Activities

The programme is run by the enrichment programme department and offers a range of activities which change regularly according to academic demand and curriculum requirements.

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Enrichment Activities

Embarking on a journey of knowledge and creativity, our subject enrichment activity invites participants to explore, learn, and innovate. With a blend of fun and education, we aim to foster a dynamic environment where curiosity meets enrichment. Unleash your potential, engage in thought-provoking activities, and elevate your understanding as we delve into the realms of diverse subjects. Let the joy of learning guide your path in this enriching experience!

My favourite play zone - An English Activity

Empowering creativity and teamwork, our talented students passionately embark on the journey of crafting a meticulous model showcasing their favorite sports ground activity. From the vibrant pitches to the dynamic players in action, witness the dedication and innovation of our school community in bringing the spirit of sportsmanship to life.

Map Activity

The Map activity helps students visualize physical divisions of india and their locations. Students labelled and coloured the different divisions of India to help them visualize and retain the location of deccan plateau,coastal plains, the himalayan range,the great Indian desert and the great northern plains.

Exploring The Wonders Of Simple Machines

Where small efforts lead to big results. Simple machines are important because they make our lives easier. They can do things we cannot do. They change the way we interact with our surroundings and allow us to do more.

Just a Minute (JAM) Session

An enriching activity on communication skills was conducted at The International School of Bombay. The objective of the event was to enhance students' communication skills, improve their ability to think on their feet and boost their confidence in public. The JAM session undoubtedly proved to be an enriching experience for all.

Mathematics Activity

Time is precious ‚Äď every day, every hour, every minute, every second is precious. Students of Class IV participated in Mathematics activities which were based on TIME. These hands-on activities helped students to visualize and understand time and familiar with 12-hour time and 24-hour time . It encouraged both creativity and mathematical thinking!

Art Biennale

The children, at The International School of Bombay were engross in the world of colors and break free at an Art Mela, which enhanced their creative thinking. Students got an opportunity to explore their creative side while giving art a new dimension. Biennale: An Art Mela -Celebrating happiness was organized to enhance the curiosity of an artist among children across the school. The Art Mela 2023, was a unique opportunity for the students to show their talent. The event was a grand success as the children’s happy faces at the campus gave them a better scope to the colourful imagination to their ideas and thoughts. This event was organized under one roof. The enthusiasm and jovial mood were witnessed among the children at all class levels. Indeed, it was a new learning experience for each one !!!!!

Plantation at TheISB

Sowing the seeds of change in our school community. Hands in the soil, hearts in harmony-students of The International School of Bombay yunite for a plantation activity. With each tree planted, we cultivate not just greenery but a commitment to environmental responsibility. Growing together, we nurture a future where every leaf tells a story of our shared dedication to a healthier planet.