Garden Lawn

The expansive garden lawn provides a welcoming and stimulating environment for learning and will serve as the venue for multiple activities including school assemblies, indoor and outdoor games and school events.

Integrated Department for children with special needs
Exclusive 1:20 teacher student ratio
Wi-Fi computer systems and networking in campus
Dedicated Meditation & Yoga area
State of the art activity areas
Library and research centre
Exposure to Art, Craft, Music, Dance
State of the art ‘ Innovation Lab’ with hi-tech servers and computers

The initiation into serious learning is done so gradually and systematically, that the child does not find learning to be a burden, on the contrary, gets fully involved and actively participates in learning under the Pre-Primary & Primary Years Programme. The child learns to share and care for other children in the class and realizes the importance of group activity. There is an audiovisual room where the children watch interesting and educational films.